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Featured products
24V 120kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo

24V 120kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo

24V 120kg RS485 serial bus servo

24V 120kg RS485 serial bus servo

12V 60kg RS485 serial bus servo

12V 60kg RS485 serial bus servo

24V 14kg RS485 serial bus servo

24V 14kg RS485 serial bus servo

24V 12kg Modbus-RTU servo

24V 12kg Modbus-RTU servo

24V 12kg RS485 serial bus servo

24V 12kg RS485 serial bus servo

About us

Shenzhen Feetech RC Model Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2011, We are a professional manufacturer focusing on R&D and production

of servo. Servo integrate customized control unit, gearbox and motor in the new conception of power module. Our self-developed precise motion control technology and precision manufacturing plant can provide customized products and solutions for customers.Our team is committed to offering the best servo that fits for each project. We provide complete operation for each process, covering request analysis, project planning, design, R&D, test, mold, production, packing and transportation. Our quality assurance system has been certified by I S O 9001: 2015, while all our products have been certified by CE, RoHS .Our products can be used in various industries, Here are some of applications of our servos: RC model, education robot, desktop robot and service robot;Logistics system: shuttle car, sorting line, smart warehouse; Smart home: smart lock, switch controller;

Safe-guard system: CCTV. Also agriculture, health care industry, military.

Product features

  • Serial structure,simple wiring

    Chain structure wiring, simple and beautiful, less port occupation, reduce the error rate, effectively improve the development efficiency.

  • Parameter feedback

    In the form of closed loop, it has the feedback of temperature, speed, current, voltage, position and load parameters.

  • Multi mode operation and protection

    Realize position control mode, constant speed motor mode and PWM motor mode self unloading force protection (overload protection, overheat protection and over-current voltage protection).

  • Median calibration function

    When it is installed on the equipment, it is not necessary to find the initial position, but to install directly. The current position is set as the middle position through one key of software.

  • Slow start acceleration and termination

    After receiving the command, the servo can realize the acceleration slow start and stop. Compared with the ordinary servo, the rotation process does not regenerate hard, which can effectively protect its own gear and improve the servo service life.

  • Open software debugging 试

    The parameters can be adjusted and set in computer software.

Application cases

Committed to providing customized servo and industry solutions for enterprise users

  • The Robot Filed

    The Robot Filed

  • Smart Home

    Smart Home

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment

  • Logistics field

    Logistics field

  • RC Model Filed

    RC Model Filed

  • Patrol robot

    Patrol robot

  • STEM Maker Education

    STEM Maker Education

  • Non-standardized Device

    Non-standardized Device

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